About the Company

The Benetti and Tuccori family histories are deep-rooted in South San Francisco.The families started Brentwood Markets, Inc in 1945 and quickly expanded to include 15 Brentwood Market Conventional Stores and three Pak-n-Save Warehouse Super Stores. The company sold to Safeway in 1983. The other family venture began in 1954 with the rise of the family-run company, Brentwood Holding Company. To this day, it is still owned and managed by the Benetti family – being passed down from generations. Brentwood Holding Company operates in shopping retail, residential income and commercial buildings in California, as well as investments nationwide.

With their operational office based in South San Francisco, the Benetti Family remains where the business foundation was first poured.

Unlike many larger real estate companies where the owners are largely an invisible presence, the Benetti partners meet with you personally and are invested in your business success beyond the signing of the lease. The partners at Brentwood Holding Company, LP maintain their commercial and residential properties across the country with a hands-on, small business model feel, overseeing maintenance directly. They remain the most humble and approachable in the business despite being extremely influential well-connected businessmen. Brentwood Holding Company, LP takes pride in each property and offers professionally handled, updated buildings creating the right environment for any tenant, business or family to thrive.